Here I was, innocently browsing the Yahoo homepage today (I use it as a random site to test my tethered connection), minding my own business. Imagine my surprise when the main navigation column suddenly started peeling off to reveal a so-dear-to-my-heart EVO 4G. Continuing to watch this technique, I observed a flat screen TV and a Blu-ray player before finally seeing the perpetrator on the right - Best Buy. While I'm not usually a fan of Flash ads, this one amused me and reminded me of the upcoming holidays with all the presents that still needed to be bought. Have you gotten your holiday presents ready yet, like that EVO 4G? Time is ticking!

Head over to the Yahoo homepage if you want to see this in action (note: you may need to click "Replay ad" to see it in action).

11-18-2010 10-10-28 AM_wm 11-18-2010 10-11-14 AM_wm

11-18-2010 10-11-36 AM_wm 11-18-2010 10-12-02 AM_wm