Just about a week after Sony Ericsson's latest plaything was first leaked, Mobile-Review's Martin Elm has gotten his greedy hands on the device, and frankly, his initial impressions make the phone seem seriously underwhelming.

Rather than making a truly competitive high-end device, SE appears to have taken the original X10, which never sold  well to begin with, and tweaked it here and there without making any major changes.


On the hardware front, Sony Ericsson's bumped the camera's megapixel count from eight to twelve, although Mobile-Review found that the prototype they handled was limited to taking stills at 3MP, with the maximum resolution for video being 325x288. In other words, lots of potential, very little proof of it being applied. The display, on the other hand, had little potential to begin with - due to shortages of AMOLED units, Sony Ericsson was forced to choose between Super LCD technology and a regular LCD. For some unfathomable reason, however, they decided to go with the latter, which made even the X12's 4.3-inch 854x480 monster of a display look mediocre. As for the processor, it's the same MSM7230 found in the G2, and it still flies.


So how about the software? The prototype they handled was running Android 2.1, though it is said to be likely that the final version will end up running 2.2 (Froyo), with an upgrade to 2.3 (Gingerbread) coming sometime in 2011. Lame, especially considering that by the time the thing actually launches, phones with Gingerbread will most likely be old news already.

Source: Mobile-Review