Who says the G2's processor is slow, eh? While its stock 800 MHz clockspeed didn't break any benchmark records, it's showing itself to be nicely capable of overclocking. Unlike the QSD8250 in the original Snapdragon, which gets rather unstable anywhere past the 1.13GHz (+15%) mark, the MSM7230 in the Scorpion of the G2 sails right on past +100% with apparent stability. The kernel was posted on XDA-Developers by member Flippy125, with the usual "NOT MY FAULT IF-" disclaimers, but also noting that the kernel runs stably for him.

The scores posted are quite remarkable: between 2700 and 2800 in Quadrant and 55-60 in Linpack. These benchmarks are a nice bump up from the 2400/50 noted by coolbho3k in his original 1.4 GHz overclock. Developer eVil D: has expressed interest in the hack, so we may be seeing it incorporated into his famous ROMs at some point in the future.


1.9 GHz, now that's turbocharged

The kernel includes the latest WiFi drivers, and should not have any affect on other mods such as Cyanogen's Baconbits. However, Flippy has stated repeatedly that setCPU profiles are a must for this hack, so make sure you have coolbho3k's CPU manager installed.

As always with hacks like this, be very careful and make sure you know what you're doing.  Of course, your G2 is going to have to be rooted, first. Think you can handle it? You can download from Flippy's primary link or mirror; be sure to check the XDA thread for more info.

Source: XDA-Developers