Looks like the Rhapsody app has just dropped on the market, only... you can't find it by searching. However, barcode scanners work, so we're not really sure what's going on. The app itself seems to feature, well, just about what you'd expect:

*Download and offline playback of your playlists!
- Download playlists and manage your downloads through the My Playlists menu.
- New toolbar with download and other options on the playlist screen.
- Offline mode displaying unique UI and available menu items.
- Settings: Clear Pending Downloads from the My Playlists menu; Force Offline Mode or Remove All Downloads from the Settings screen.
* A completely refreshed user interface.
* Artist Radio available right from the Artist screen, and a new "Search Artist Stations" option.
* High-resolution album art (when available for specific releases).
* Numerous bug fixes and stability enhancements.

rhapsody2 rhapsody1

Unfortunately for people who had been beta testing the app, they have to remove downloads and uninstall the beta versions before installing the new (final) build. Unfortunately for everyone, there are a few known kinks that need to be worked out:

* Downloading over WiFi instead of 3G: Set your phone to enforce staying on wifi when the screen goes to sleep, otherwise downloads will continue over 3G. (Find this in Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings, then the hardware menu button and Advanced > Wi-Fi sleep policy.) However, note the EVO and Incredible do not adhere to this setting, and downloads will stop in this case.

* Playback (30-second samples) for anonymous accounts are not working on some device/OS combinations.

* If you take a phone call while on 3G with Radio playing, after resume the Radio queue is no longer displayed.

As the app can't be found in the market directly, we can do no more than provide you with a scannable barcode and an AppBrain link. Hopefully, the Market issue is just related to caching and will be fixed shortly. Until then, scan away, people - scan away.

Update: it is showing up in the Market now.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhapsody [Source: AppBrain via AndroidCentral]