Hungry for even more Nexus S goodness? Looks like you're in luck, for Engadget has just received an entire barrage of photos and other information about Google's next developer device.

nexus-s-itw-sm-1  nexus-s-hi-res-50666915071864ea3727b-rm-eng-1289503624

Those pictures you're seeing may have been shot about a month ago, but Engadget just posted them now, and they're still perfectly relevant to the Gingerbread-running device.

nexus-s-hi-res-50666915454835a9e787b-rm-eng-1289503625 nexus-s-hi-res-50666914692f323cddb0b-rm-eng-1289503624

Perhaps more interestingly, a little digging around on Flickr and Picasa also revealed that the Nexus S will pack a five-megapixel camera and will be known as the Samsung GT-i9020 in the model number world. What's more, the GT-i9020 was recently approved by the FCC as well as the WiFi Alliance, the latter of which confirmed that the device will ship with an 802.11 b/g/n single-band WiFi radio. As for 3G connectivity, the Nexus S will pack an AWS 3G unit, perfect for T-Mobile. The stars are gradually aligning... as is our desire to see this device released at long last.

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