In a Galaxy Tab far, far away ... there is a 7" AMOLED panel. While other manufacturers are fretting over OLED panel shortages, no such difficulties seem to be presenting themselves to Samsung, as the screen display technology was out in full force at their FPD2010 booth today.

First up is the previously alluded to 7" panel, which appears to be a direct upgrade from the TFT panel used in the current Galaxy Tab. With the same 1024 x 600 resolution, applications should run fine on any potential new model, saving Samsung from any porting legwork with their bespoke apps. The screen also boasts more than 100% of the NTSC colour gamut, 16.7 million colours, and a brightness of 250 cd/m2.

image image

In addition to this 7-incher, Samsung demoed a 10.1" panel, which should heighten the anticipation of a larger sibling for the Galaxy Tab. However, the panel shown used the same 1024x600 resolution which is a disappointing pixel density for a screen of that size.

Next up we have a dual-screen clamshell device, which appears to rely solely on its two screens for input. The device was shown playing media in a laptop-esque orientation, but it should serve as a nice book reader too, especially with its great AMOLED black levels. It's unclear if Samsung plans to implement such a form factor into an Android device, but they already have one two-screen device out there.


Samsung also showed off two interesting flexible and foldable displays, one of which was on an interactive folding mount which opened and closed the device at the push of a button. Obviously this is not the kind of setup you'll see in a real device, but it is a good demonstration of the resilience of the form factor. The flexible displays are also very impressive, demonstrating a great capability to flow into smooth and attractive curves. It will be cool to see this technology around the home in years to come - anyone remember ASUS's WaveFace?



Obviously you want to see all this in action, so take a gander at the video these displays and more, below:

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