When it comes to Verizon engineers and Twitter, there really aren't any secrets - some employees kind of just let it all out. Such is the case with Jeremiah Nelson (@V3RDICT), who today tweeted out not one, but six items of interest to future LTE customers.

To recap, according to Jeremiah, HTC Merge will not get released this month due to a late decision to equip it with an LTE chip (that's Verizon's version of 4G). The delay could potentially be caused by something else, but Jeremiah is certain that Merge will come out as an LTE phone, whenever it does happen. In fact, it will be the first Verizon LTE phone.

Next up, we have the Incredible HD, which Jeremiah says will launch in the beginning of 2011. It will be the first device in the new year, making it the 2nd Verizon LTE device.

merge-delayed incredible-hd-launch

htc-launches merge-launch-date

image image

Well! Looks like we've got some exciting times ahead of us - anyone care to guess what other mysterious HTC devices we'll be seeing next year?

Source: Twitter via Droid Life