Looks like Google is hitting roadblocks at every turn with their eponymous TV hardware - which is really a shame, given just how much potential it seems to have. A few weeks ago, the major networks decided to start blocking Google TVs from accessing their content, whether it was via their proprietary feeds (i.e. ABC.com) or directly through Hulu. Just about the only method of streaming left was Fancast (which actually backdoors content from Hulu). But no more: the door has been shut, with few options left for users.


While Google TV's capabilities extend far beyond simply streaming content, that's doubtless its biggest selling point - especially in an age where most content is available on demand online, with fewer ads and minimal delay. In fact, that seems to be the sticking point for the networks: if more people can access the content for free via online streaming services, they have less reason to pay cable and satellite companies for the same services. Less subscribers means the cable companies are willing to pay the networks less - thus, the root of the problem.

It seems that the most we can hope for is that Google's talks with the networks prove to be successful - preferably sooner rather than later. After all, when networks and - well, the rest of us - fight, nobody wins.

[Source: CrunchGear]