If there is one Android tablet I am truly excited about (more than the Galaxy Tab, the ViewPad, etc), it's definitely the 10.1" Tegra 2 based dual-core Notion Ink Adam. The tablet has been in the making for as long as I can remember Android tablets even being mentioned, hitting more snags and delays than Duke Nukem and Crunchpad combined. However, Notion Ink's incredible (simply stunning really - just flip through their blog) attention to detail that can only be rivaled by Apple, in my opinion, will make the wait seem like a negligible price to pay when we are finally able to buy the darn thing.


Here comes the good news: the tablet is still very much real and getting closer to a public release. Just how close? Today's update over at the Notion Ink blog gives us a hint:

FCC: We are on time for this and you could hold devices in your hands on or before Christmas (and as hinted earlier, if we miss Christmas, then CES or New Year). Pre-booking will start in early December (if the case id prior). Already received FCC for the chargers!

Considering the rumored release prices starting at $399 for the WiFi version and going up only $50 for the 3G version and another $50 for the amazing Pixel Qi + 3G model, if I can get my hands on this tablet by Christmas, I will be absolutely ecstatic. IPadwhat?

Here are some images of the tablet that hopefully convey some of the reasons for my excitement:

image image image

image image



Source: Notion Ink