While many of us would be happy to have any kind of Galaxy Tab at all, there's a certain breed who won't rest until they've eviscerated their latest electronic acquisition for the greater good. One such fellow is Finnish mobility blogger JKK at jkkmobile.com, who took it upon himself to dismantle his shiny new tablet and show its insides to all and sundry.

As you can see in the video, the bulkiest component of the Galaxy Tab is easily its battery, with an impressively large 4000 mAh / 14.8 Wh rating. With a pack that is about a third of the entire device's volume, it's no surprise Google's Tim Bray found the battery life more than adequate.

JKK also notes a sturdy composite skeleton for the Tab, some decent-sounding speakers and an encouraging clip-on arrangement of internals, which leads him to believe that modding of the Tab should not be too difficult. Unfortunately for those intrigued by that last part, JKK also cautions that opening the Galaxy Tab was quite a brutal process and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Check out his blog post for a full gallery of the disassembled Tab.

Source: jkkmobile via Engadget