While they may not quite have the buzz that Samsung's Galaxy Tab is generating, there has been still been plenty of interest in Archos's 2010 line of Android tablets - particularly among those who like to hold on to their money. Archos's pricing has traditionally been one of the hardware's most attractive points, and this year's "Generation 8" is no exception.


L-to-R: Archos 101, 70, 43, 32, 28 - aka Generation 8

Now Archos is adding another feather to the Gen. 8 cap, with news that the line should be receiving an update to Android 2.2 within the next few weeks. ARMdevices.net's Charbax has spent some time with the Froyo build for the Archos 70 this week, and today posted a short video walkthrough of the new OS running on the $275 7-incher. The experience seems to be a pretty smooth one thanks to the 1 GHz Cortex A8 humming along beneath the capacitive WVGA screen:

Of course, the one major omission on the Archos devices is the Android Marketplace. However, Charbax himself seems quite confident that the prolific Archos community will sort that issue out quick-smart once the device's firmware is released:

Google Marketplace will work on the 2.2 firmware, I am sure. Users in the forum just need to get the firmware and they will make an easy to use apk for installing the marketplace.

So, what say you? Is the half-price undercut of the Galaxy Tab enough to lure you away, or do those on-screen buttons look too annoying?

Source: ARMdevices via FrAndroid