If there's one thing about Android that's really been coming along lately, it's gaming. We've already seen great games like MiniSquadron!, Angry Birds, and Reckless Racing make good impressions, and now we have another cause to celebrate. Following on from the news of an imminent Cut The Rope release for Android, we have this illuminating tweet from id Software co-founder John Carmack, confirming what has been the wish of many since way back in August:


Just in case you don't know who this John Carmack fella is, his Wikipedia entry states:

Carmack was the lead programmer of the id computer games Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, their sequels and the Commander Keen series of games.

With that new perspective on things, perhaps you can see why this news is rather exciting indeed. As for the game itself, check out this impressive demonstration by Carmack of Rage running at 60 fps on the iPhone 4:

According to the video, Rage can even run on an original 2G iPhone, so those of you with older devices may not be left out. On the other hand, the thought of it running on, say, a gaming-oriented Android phone sounds... sublime.

Source: @ID_AA_Carmac via UberGizmo