Yes, the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G will be launching on November 3rd, and yes, early adopters can now pre-order it from Wirefly, but guess what? The somewhat less popular Motorola Defy is in a similar predicament: its official launch date is November 3rd, and its official price tag is $99.99, but the Internet's #1 cell phone retailer is now allowing eager buyers to pre-order the military-grade device for just about half the official price - $49.99 on a new two-year contract. As usual, that comes with a $0 tax and free shipping, although customers wishing to add a line to an existing account will still have to cough up $99.99. Strangely enough, we could swear we saw a white version (officially known as "White Linen") hanging around on Wirefly's website this morning, but that edition has since been pulled for reasons unknown to us mere mortals. Nonetheless, the regular black model is still available, along with:

  • 3.7-inch water-resistant, dust-proof Gorilla Glass display
  • 5MP camera capable of capturing 720p HD video
  • MotoBlur on top of Android 2.1 (ugh)
  • Swype pre-installed
  • WiFi hotspot capabilities (something even the T-Mobile G2 doesn't yet have)

Not bad at all for a $100 (or $50, depending on where you get it from) device... now how about a seriously high-end Motorola-built Android device destined for a carrier other than Big Red?

Source: Wirefly