Last week, the Wall Street Journal posted a public poll asking its readers to pick the best mobile operating system maker. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Palm, RIM/Blackberry, and Other were valid options, with Apple leading at about 55% at the time. Noticing this, Android Police along with reddit and other media publications issued a call to action:


The next day, Android and Apple traded places, and the former started leading by a small margin.

Fast forward a week, and I decided to check back with the poll to see how it is doing... I will just leave the following here without any commentary - the results speak for themselves*:


What can I say?! Go Android!

* - it could sure seem like either the fact that the poll is using Adobe Flash, which is unreadable by iOS devices, or a mysterious 4chan-like power could have had something to do with such complete domination. But then again, the Android community is stronger and closer than any other mobile OS community out there - if its members want something done, it gets done.

Source: WSJ poll