I'm not sure exactly how recently Google has done this (update: apparently, it's been a few months, thanks Brad), but there is a tab in the mobile search interface called "Android Apps." I'll give you 3 tries to guess what it does.

Clicking on each result pops open the Market app and works exactly as you would expect. The interface does show the star rating to help weed out the crapola, the price, the company name, and the number of reviews. In the future, it would be totally sweet to see an Install button integrated as well, to save us that extra click.

Frankly, I am surprised it took Google, the search giant, over 1.5 years to integrate something this obvious, using already available search APIs, into their core product. I guess 100,000 apps was the magic number.

snap20101026_110536_wm snap20101026_110657_wm snap20101026_110714_wm

Thanks @PlankLongBeard