Next up in the seemingly endless line of future Android phones we know almost nothing about: one of Verizon and LG's future LTE devices.


Unfortunately, Engadget's tipster didn't say much about this Verizon-bound device other than that it would be high-end, which in itself would be quite a departure from LG's other Android phone, the Ally. Luckily, there's a collection of logos awaiting us on the battery cover, including one that, thrillingly enough, represents LTE (it's right above the LG logo). Also present:

  • a logo that appears to be there on behalf of DLNA
  • two other logos that haven't been discerned yet - feel free to squint away and try to make them out for yourself
  • an HD camera with an unknown megapixel count
  • a huge screen - just look at that bad boy
  • what looks to be a front-facing camera (right above the display)
  • sexy styling - is this baby made of aluminum or what?

Of course, a lot of important facts about the device are still up in the air - the processor, the amount of RAM, the amount of onboard storage, etc. - but still, if this puppy turns out to be half as good as it and its logos make it look, consider me sold!

Source: Engadget