Allen Kiehl over at AndroidSpin has recently posted a pretty unbelievable tale about his experience with network issues on his G2 and what T-Mobile recommends he do about them. The story starts out pretty commonplace: he was experience network issues such as dropped calls, not receiving calls or text messages at all, and a finicky data connection. All of these are symptoms of a bad device, right? Wrong.

What happened next blew both Allen and myself away. T-Mobile recommended he swap it out for an entirely different device or leave their network. Here is what they told him exactly:

I would recommend that you take advantage of the buyer's remorse program as we do not have an ETA when the issue will be resolved. It appears the network is not ready for HSPA+, thus causing you your issues.

However unbelievable it is that a wireless carrier recommend you leave them, this is apparently the first advice they gave him. Evidently T-Mobile jumped the gun on HSPA+ and did so in a profoundly epic way. The advice they gave indicates that the issues will not be resolved within his 30-day trial period, so this could be an issue for a while to come.

Still, I'm finding it hard to get over the fact that T-Mobile's first fix for this issue is to switch carriers.

Source: AndroidSpin