This news has been some time coming, but it finally looks like the time is nigh: Sprint WiMax will soon be available in three of America's hottest of hot-spots. While Sprint has had 4G-capable devices out for several months now, the country's two main technology centres have been starved of WiMax coverage. Sprint may fear the same backlash AT&T received when their network got hammered by the iPhone, so they must be hoping for a more positive reception.

The coverage itself will be provided in conjunction with Clearwire, who have been busy setting up their networks in preparation for these final deadlines. New York City will be the first of the three cities to get the upgrade, on the 1st of November, with Los Angeles following suit one month later on the 1st of December. San Francisco receives a less concrete date but still has a "late December" time-frame to shoot for.

Verizon have promised their LTE network in the same period, so it will be interesting to see how the two technologies stack up in direct competition.

Source: Clearwire via Engadget