Somewhere behind the Great Firewall of China, a group of devout HTC hackers are working hard at doing what they do best. Over at the now-famous 911sniper blog, another ROM belonging to an as of yet unannounced HTC device has just been posted ahead of time.

Sadly, the filehost they chose appears to be running their server through a 56k modem, so not much can be said right now as to the ROM's contents. However, you can be sure that once the file gets downloaded and torn apart, there will be plenty of goodies contained within, hopefully including confirmation of that rumored dual-core processor.

Right now we don't know much about the HTC Glacier, aka "Project Emerald," other than that it will be on T-Mobile, but there is surely more to come.

If you've found a speedier mirror, please let us know in the comments beneath.

Update: It appears that Glacier is actually the codename for T-Mobile's forthcoming "myTouch 4G". Contained within the ROM was a short promotional video for the device, demoing video calling, push-to-TV video playback and an updated Genius button. Pretty cool stuff. Check out the video below, courtesy of AndroidCentral.


Source: 911sniper via AndroidGuys; AndroidCentral via TmoNews