Hot in the heels of the incredible $100 Amazon deal on Sprint's flagship EVO 4G, we found ourselves looking at the same price tag on an even more expensive and more recent 4G device - the Samsung Epic 4G. Retailing for $249.99 at Sprint, the best deal we've seen on an Epic so far was $200 at both Amazon and Wirefly.

What we're looking at today is a brand new Epic 4G for $99.99 on a new 2-year contract, with free 2-day shipping and no tax. Amazon is also temporarily waiving the $36 activation fee until the end of today. Unfortunately, existing customers are out of luck, as Amazon doesn't yet offer contract extensions for Sprint devices.

Amazon is flipping the whole mobile industry upside-down, and we're surely enjoying the heck out of it. Who's finally picking up a new Epic?


Source: Amazon, thanks Sl1k3r