The Flipout, Motorola's latest AT&T-bound Android phone, isn't exactly the most exciting device on the planet - this isn't even the first time we're seeing the square little bugger - and considering the fact that the Droid 2 can now be had for the low-low price of just $0.01, I suspect that charging $79.99 (or $349 off contract) won't win over many new customers for AT&T.

Nevertheless, for those of you who don't mind a 2.8-inch QVGA display, Amazon's touting the Flipout for the same price as the Droid 2 - $0.01 - on a new two-year contract. Better yet, Wirefly's carrying the device for a cent less - free! Personally, I still can't justify choosing a free Flipout over a $0.01 Droid 2, but hey - to each their own. Besides, now that the phone's been rooted, maybe it'll be the first to get CyanogenMod 7.0. As if.

Sources: AT&T, Amazon, Wirefly via Android Central