With the G2 already getting a non-persistent "soft-root" solution, it was only a matter of time before someone combined it into a nice, user-friendly package. Stepping up to the plate (or rather, the crease) is Paul O'Brien, the founder of UK smartphone website MoDaCo, well known for a myriad of clever hacks.


Superusers, you can haz them

Deriving its name from the HTC Vision device codename, VISIONary is a simple one-click temporary root app for the T-Mobile G2. The application installs itself to /data/app, and a version that will run automatically on boot is also available. VISIONary can also be set to run a visionary.sh script immediately after rooting, allowing you to automate any root commands you might usually do by inserting them into the .sh file. Until a permanent root method for the G2 is created, this is probably the next best thing.


Autorun version

Manual version

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Source: G2.MoDaCo.Com via @paulobrien