Last week, I had to deliver disappointing news about the full version of Angry Birds, the most addicting game on Android, getting delayed till this week, mostly due to proper multi-tasking support. Today, I'm glad to report that not only did Rovio commit to a Friday (tomorrow) release, as evident from the screenshot below, but also sent us a full version to play with.


Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to shoot a video review, but I did, however, collect some interesting screenshots together with all the info you need to know, presented in my most favorite bullet point style:

  • the version that was sent to us contains ads (see screenshot #7 below) which shows up from time to time, I'd say about once per level
  • in our email exchange, the company also hinted at an interesting distribution model, which they didn't disclose. My guess would be a paid version without ads and a free version with ads, but that doesn't sound too interesting at all. Hrm...
  • there is no word on pricing yet, if a paid version is coming at all
  • the game now properly supports multitasking, meaning if you quit (by pressing Home, for example) and come back, it'll restart at exactly the same place. Think of it as the "Pause" function
  • Apps2SD is supported, just like in the Lite version - the internal memory requirement is about 1.8MB
  • there are 150 levels in total, exactly as expected. They reside in 3 separate stages called Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, and Danger Above
  • the first 15 levels are completely different from the Lite version - woot!
  • there is a bonus area called Golden Eggs - collect certain items throughout the game to unlock the bonus levels
  • the first golden egg is located at the bottom of the info screen and unlocks the level you can see in the last 2 screenshots (that's a loooot of pigs)

The end of productivity as we know it is almost here. Just... one... more... day... of freedom.

snap20101014_085251 snap20101014_085203 snap20101014_085212

snap20101014_085220 snap20101014_093943 snap20101014_093835

snap20101014_093906 snap20101014_085235 snap20101014_100841

snap20101014_100959 snap20101014_100853 snap20101014_100920