I was about to go to sleep, but, of course, when I heard of a possible G2 OTA report, and one that brings such important new features as WiFi calling, otherwise known as UMA, and native tethering, I had to stay up just a bit longer.

Update: T-Mobile's implementation is not exactly UMA - it doesn't transfer your calls between WiFi and T-Mo towers.

Thanks, people in comments!

Here is what we know so far:

  • an OTA is indeed real and has been rolled out to some users
  • it's likely that T-Mobile is doing a very limited test, at least for now and at least until someone discovers a direct link to the OTA download
  • speaking of the direct link, it hasn't been found yet, but if you see it posted around, please drop a line in the comments
  • post-OTA pictures showing both native tethering and WiFi calling, as promised, can be found below, thanks to Stryf3
  • if you want to keep your soft root, the folks at the #g2root freenode IRC channel are warning against installing the OTA just yet
  • the update process itself may or may not shine some light and help figure out a permaroot process, but I have my doubts

image image image image

This is a developing story - additional info may be posted if and when we find out something new.

Source: xda, Stryf3