Some interesting details about Verizon's Samsung tablet that is set to take on Apple's iPad monolith have recently come to light. Droid-Life's insiders have let them know of a possible November 1st release date for the Verizon version, to coincide with the European release. This differs from the previously rumoured release date of November 14th on Sprint, so, just like with the Galaxy S phones, we may see a staggered release schedule from the big four in America.

Droid-Life also got a chance to sneak a peek at a rough draft of the VZW Tab's user guide and noted several mentions of phone functionality and Google search. While their sources promptly squashed any hopes that the Tab would secretly have phone capabilities, there remains a chance that the Tab might escape the burden of Bing search and use Google's instead.

Head on over to Droid-Life for scans of the user guide and details of the included Verizon apps.

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