With the release of Adobe Air on Android last week, many users were left wondering how exactly they could use the new 15+ MB clunker. A day after the release, however, the Market was booming with Air apps, ranging from the most basic demos to video calling to gems like this one.

Manual and therefore static by nature attempts, such as this app list by user webkitchen, were a good start but they were simply not sustainable. Seeing this, AppBrain.com, our favorite method to browse Android apps, yesterday released an automatic filter to aid us in this quest to weed out Air apps.

The new filter is available here: http://www.appbrain.com/apps/adobe-air.

Note that it is not part of the UI (at least not yet), so if you remove it and want to filter the Air apps, you have to click the link again or go back.

Personally, I haven't yet seen anything deserving a lot of attention, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.



Source: AppBrain