This is really no big deal for Verizon users who have been able to do that since March but, thanks to some creative tweaking, the all-carrier version of Skype for Android can now make calls over 3G in the US. If you remember, the version distributed in the Market prompts you to enable WiFi in order to make calls to both Skype and regular phone numbers.

Xeudoxus (known for his work on Dark Edge) got a bit creative with the Skype apk and has released it to the on-the-go Skyping masses. If you're a Skype user who frequently makes phone calls via the service, this could potentially be a godsend. I just tested it out and the call quality is perfect.

snap20101007_012758_wm snap20101007_012806_wm

I invite you to note my lack of a wifi icon in the status bar and also to ignore that I hit the volume rocker while taking the screenshot.

For now, this will work but in the future I can definitely see Skype making this workaround not work. Hopefully the company gets its head in the game and allows this functionality by default (along with move to SD support).

You do not need to be rooted to do this. Just install it like you would any other apk. You can download the apk from this Megaupload link or from the original forum post.

Source: DroidLife