If there is one game on Android that keeps me coming back to it, even after I already beat all the levels, it's Angry Birds. The beta version, limited to 15 levels, was released about a month ago and proved to be a completely undeniable success, reaching 250k downloads in only 4 days. The game is so addicting that beating your own high scores can become a full time job to some. My wife, who never-ever played games before, mobile or any others, is now so hooked on Angry Birds that she steals my phone the minute I get home.

In a tragic series of events, involving a few butchered pigs and a rotisserie, the full release of Angry Birds we were all hoping for this week has now been pushed back to next week. If the full version is going to be anything like the iPhone's original, consider this a blessing in disguise, as those 150 extra levels are going to destroy more productivity hours than Facebook could ever dream of.


Source: Rovio