Take a look at what I found in the Android Market this morning when I was doing a casual sift through the swamp of garbage that the Market is today. It's the official Yahoo Finance app - an app that trails behind Google's own super popular Finance app by over a year. Of course, the more the merrier, and Yahoo is a huge player in the finance world with its Yahoo Finance site, so I downloaded it to take a look.

Yahoo! Finance

Official description: Yahoo! Finance, the Web's #1 Finance site, is now available on your Android phone. With Yahoo! Finance you can view the daily market summary and news, track tickers you're interested in and watch Tech Ticker videos. Add and remove stocks from your watch list, as well as view your Y! Finance portfolios from the PC.

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free+


In addition to viewing news and quotes, the Yahoo Finance app lets you log into your Yahoo account and view your saved Finance portfolios (although I didn't see the option to do this at first) - see the last few screenshots for what that looks like.

On the flip side, I found the app kind of buggy at times, refusing to load content and charts - see the 4th, 6th, and the very last slide for examples of bad behavior.

Yahoo pushed out a decent app, but the data loading issues and the overall clunkiness make it not nearly as user friendly as Google's Finance app. However, I welcome you to download it and be your own judge.


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Source: Yahoo Finance