Today Fring announced their latest feature: fringOut. If that sounds suspiciously like Skype's offering, Skypeout, don't be shocked. They are essentially the same service. They posted this on their blog earlier today with a definite sense of smugness:

fringOut is easy to use & super-convenient. Because the rates are so darn good, you’ll be calling everyone from your mobile phone.
Here is a short list why folks are dumping PC calling and moving to fringOut’s mobile calling.

The rate are competitive ($0.01/minute vs. Skype's $0.023/minute) at a whopping 1.3 cents cheaper but, being a smartphone-only app, will this really hold water? A computer application is a big draw for Skype. At this point we can only sit and watch as Fring and Skype duel in the air but it should be pretty entertaining to see. The users will be the ones who win in the end.

One big point in Fring's favor is that, unlike Skype, you are not limited to WiFi. It will work over whatever data network you happen to be connected to at the moment, and that is awesome in my book. This is all coming in mere hours after Skype opened up to every carrier, so it can safely be assumed that the proximity of these announcements is no coincidence. Let's see if Skype follows in step and removes that WiFi-only nonsense.

Source: The Fring Blog