Do you guys remember Napster, the music sharing service that started it all, made huge headlines, was sued into oblivion, went legit as a radio with a monthly subscription fee, and later got picked up by Best Buy? Of course you do, and I'm willing to bet most of you downloaded at least one song using Napster back in the day.

The app, quietly launched over the weekend, offers access to over 11 million songs using your Napster account, which costs $10 a month. Considering that this $10 "Napster plus mobile access" plan offers offline listening, it's not such a bad deal at all.

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Napster's rivals include Spotify, MOG, GrooveShark, Pandora, LastFM, and others.

Download the Napster app from the Market by clicking the QR code below from your mobile device or scanning it with Barcode Scanner:

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