If you're not using the launcher that came with your phone's version of Android, chances are you're either using ADW Launcher or Launcher Pro. Launcher Pro may not be open-source like ADW is, but it includes some enviable features. This is not the total re-write that dev Federico Carnales blogged about a few days ago, but it is still an upgrade worthy of a new decimal increase.

Besides bugfixes, this latest update brings another cool trick to the table, specifically swipe-up pop-ups in your launcher's dock which show details of relevant notifications. Currently there is support for missed calls and unread SMS, but more will appear in later versions.

Here is what the new swipe-up dock pop-ups look like:

snap20101002_141013_wm snap20101002_141022_wm snap20101002_141026_wm

snap20101002_141031_wm snap20101002_141045_wm snap20101002_141200_wm

And a couple of official pictures:

image image

The bad news is that this is only available in the paid Plus version right now, and users of plain-ol' Launcher Pro will have to make do with some bugfixes and full-screen folder views.

Check out the LauncherPro website for more details on the release. LauncherPro Plus is a $2.99 Paypal purchase from the LP website and the free version can be found in the Android market. LP's dev is based in Australia, so you may see LP Plus coming to the market some time in the future.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fede.launcher

Source: LauncherPro.com