Games based on box office hits are usually released shortly after the blockbusters themselves, but it appears that James Cameron's Avatar begs to differ, at least when it comes to an Android version of the game.

About ten months after Avatar was released, Gameloft finally had the decency to turn its attention away from the iPhone and towards the other major player in the mobile industry, which is, of course, Google's world-conquering Android.

The game is based on the movie from which it got its namesake (Avatar), offering some of the best 3D graphics we've ever seen in an Android game, alongside some really nice gameplay and sophisticated controls.


Perhaps its biggest downside is the fact that it is not available from the Android Market; instead, Gameloft requires users to download the game from its own servers. Additionally, some phones are being left out of the fun, like the LG Ally and the Motorola Charm (ironic, right?).

On the plus side, it comes as a free download initially, with the $4.99 fee for playing further than the free demo allows being entirely optional. Still, Gameloft, what's wrong with the Market? Don't go complaining about poor sales later if you don't utilize the best available distribution channels.

Source: Gameloft via Androinica