Nothing's perfect, and it looks like the T-Mobile G2 is no exception - according to the latest batch of complaints coming from users who received their devices ahead of the scheduled release date, units are shipping with only 2GB of internal storage, whereas HTC's G2 website lists it at 4GB. Since this just so happens to be the same amount of internal storage offered by the G2's international cousin, the Desire Z, Engadget speculates that a mix-up may have occurred somewhere along the line, a theory which, I am sure, is not far off. Hopefully T-Mobile will be able to replace these phones or provide larger microSD cards to make up for it, because if there's one thing us Android fans do well, it's causing a riot.

Unfortunately, the troubles don't end there; as can be seen in the above YouTube video, some phones are apparently shipping with hinges that drop whenever held upside down, which might break the mechanism if the phone is dropped screen-first. It isn't yet clear whether this issue affects all G2s or whether this is only bugging some users, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough when the public gets its hands on this sexy beast of an HSPA+ device.

Sources: xda-developers, Engadget