Lest you were under the impression that the only way to get your hands on one of Samsung's hot new 7-inch Android tablets would involve letting around $1,025 trickle out of your wallet, Telenor Sweden has just unveiled its pre-order page for the Galaxy Tab, which prices the device at the magical price of FREE!

Of course, there are some complications, such as the fact that this deal requires you to sign up for a new two-year contract and that you'll be coughing up 369 SEK (about $55) every month thanks to Telenor's Surfa Bas plan. That may be quite a bit more than AT&T's $25 plan for the iPad, but then again, it's not like AT&T's offering Apple's tablet for free (quite the contrary, the versions with 3G radios are the more expensive ones), and besides, AT&T's offering is capped at 2GB.

Furthermore, the page promises delivery times within 1-3 weeks, which would line up perfectly with Expansys' earlier promise that the device would start shipping on Monday, October 11. Here's to hoping Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile give us those kinds of discounts here in the States as well!

Source: Telenor via Samsung Hub