Having one device leaked is so last fiscal year, man. Verizon is hip to the new trend of leaking out details of all of your devices and giving people a heads-up to not buy phones that are out right now since they're just gonna get replaced anyway.

Androids aren't the only things on show, but forgive us for omitting those not relevant to the droid-heads (check BerryPolice.com, great site).

Motorola's got the lion's share of the devices. Starting with the Venus, a portrait QWERTY phone to be released this month that Engadget thinks may be similar to the Charm. It isn't mentioned whether or not the phone is a slider, but we do know that there is one out there somewhere. Specs include a 1 GHz processor, Froyo, and a global GSM/CDMA radio.

Next up from Motorola is the Droid Pro, coming at the end of October or the start of November. We've heard quite a few murmurings about this before, and it looks like the rumour that this phone will replace the Droid 2 may well be about to come true. The Pro is said to have a 1.3 GHz CPU and a global radio, making it a nice upgrade from the rather average D2.

Finally we read of Moto's "Stingray" tablet. Bucking the recent trend, Motorola appear to be going with a 10-inch form factor. The Stingray will be out in 2011 running Gingerbread on the 16 GB of internal memory, humming along on a Tegra 2. Curiously enough, there is also mention that the initial CDMA release will be "hardware upgradeable" to LTE, although there are no details of how this will be accomplished.

Two other manufacturers are in on the action too:

HTC's Merge will be released in the October/November timeframe. It also looks like our confusion following the release of HTC Lexikon specs was justified: the Merge/Lexikon/Lexicon are all the same device. The Merge will also feature global radios and a 1 GHz Snapdragon chip.

Finally LG have their enV Pro, out in November. Previously rumoured to have dual touchscreens (inside the clamshell and on the front face), this will be an Android-packing successor to the enV Touch. Considering the enV line's history, this will probably be a mid-range, high-volume handset, although the leaks do state a 1 GHz processor and global radios (just like all the other phones leaked, it seems).

Source: Engadget