is one of the best, if not the best, sites to upload that image you're about to share with a gazillion people. The site is very simple and robust, yet incredibly functional, and, most importantly, allows all uploaded images to be embedded on other sites without complaining about hotlinking. It is the service used almost exclusively for sharing pictures on (hi all redditors!). Imgur started as an anonymous one-time upload service but later introduced account support, which was probably the most frequently requested feature.

Today marks the arrival of an Imgur Android client with account support baked. I'd like to point out that there are actually 2 other imgur apps on the Market already, but neither of them offers the ability to log in.

The new app, called simply "imgur for Android" is free and allows the following:

  • log into your account using OAuth
  • view, delete, and copy URLs of images linked to your account
  • take new photos on the fly with the camera or upload existing ones straight to your imgur account
  • even if you are logged in, you still have the option to upload anonymously

Pretty cool stuff. Everything I tried just now was relatively robust (with the exception of one force close when refreshing online images) and fast - the images showed up online within seconds. Bravo, Colin Edwards.

 snap20100929_001039 snap20100929_001144 snap20100929_001216

Adding your account info:


Upload an existing picture or take one using the phone's camera:

snap20100929_001303 snap20100929_001320

An image I took with the camera and uploaded to imgur of an image I uploaded with imgur earlier (btw these spicy pistachios from Costco are the absolute bomb!):



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Source: imgur for Android