Yesterday, Best Buy announced a pretty cool new promotion for the moth of October: Free Phone Fridays. It's a pretty straightforward deal that offers buyers four phones (one on each carrier) that will be free every Friday.

They have promised that each week they will feature one high-end smartphone, the first of which will be the Samsung Fascinate. The other phones to be offered for free on October 1st will be the Sprint Blackberry Curve, HTC Aria on AT&T, and the Samsung Gravity 3 on T-Mobile.

Scott  Anderson, the head of Best Buy Mobile's merchandising department, had this to say:

We are seeing an amazing amount of curiosity and demand for mobile phones right now, especially smart phones, and we want to give consumers another reason to visit Best Buy Mobile in October. While we already offer a number of free mobile phone options for our customers every day of the year, launching 'Free Phone Fridays' with a great smart phone like the Samsung Fascinate shows that Best Buy Mobile is serious and committed to bringing the best mobile technology and best deals to our customers.

The deal does require that you sign up for a new two-year activation (no upgrades), and the deals every week will be announced at 1 PM central on the preceding Thursday. If you're looking to switch carriers and get a smartphone, this looks like something to keep an eye on. You can do that at Best Buy Mobile's website, Twitter account, or Facebook Page. It will be fun to see what smartphones they offer for free in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted because we like good deals, and there is no better deal than free.

Source: MarketWatch