This article deals with rooting. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, hit up our primer here: Rooting Explained + Top 5 Benefits Of Rooting

There was initially some doubt as to whether or not the Motorola Droid 2 actually contained the proper hardware for FM radio. We can safely lay that discussion to rest because, as of today, the developers at XDA have gotten a fully working port of the FM radio app from the Droid X onto the Droid 2. While it takes a good amount of knowledge to get this done, it doesn't take very long. In reference to how well it works, you are going to have to decide that for yourself. Slayher, the developer who got the radio working, had this to say in his disclaimer:

For me, I live in a crappy radio area, so I was only able to pick up 2 stations. YMMV.
As always I will not be responsible for any damage, pregnancies, or missing items from your home.

The steps are fairly straight-forward and there is nothing too surprising if you have done any type of ADB file managing on your Android handset. You can get the full instructions and all the files you need in the XDA thread but there are 7 basic steps to get this happening for you:

1. Droid2 must be rooted. Remount the /system to RW
2. Unzip the archive, and use abd push to put the files in the appropriate folders.
cd system
a. adb push app/FMRadio.apk /system/app
b. adb push app/FMRadioService.apk /system/app
c. adb push bin/fmradioserver /system/bin
d. adb push lib/ /system/lib
e. adb push lib/ /system/lib
f. adb push lib/ /system/lib
3. Remount /system to ro
4. Plug in headphones.
5. Run FMradio
6 ???
7. Profit!

This is a pretty cool trick if you listen to the radio. I, personally, do not but can think of several occasions where this would be very useful. Living in tornado alley, I always enjoy having a backup way to listen to broadcasts during a power outage.

On days like these, I want to highlight this comic yet again, showing how unstoppable the Android community is. Keep it up, devs!

Source: Slayher via XDA