This is what happens when you try to one-up the open-source community. Just when we were beginning to think HTC Sense might have come up trumps with a real killer feature in their Fast Boot, CyanogenMod creator Steve Kondik's right there with a cheeky "Yeah, CM6 "does" too :)". Tweeting that the feature will be committed to the CyanogenMod source soon (possibly with the arrival of version 6.1), Cy noted that the Nexus One would likely last in this hibernation state for about a week. Now, let's see what it looks like in action:

Of course, as we have discussed before, this is not a real, clean reboot, but we can still see plenty of potential use cases - switching off in areas of areas of no coverage, periodic check-ins on hikes, and other scenarios where something quite close to instant-on would be. Despite the fact Cyanogen doesn't think he'll find the feature particularly useful, even he has to concede that HTC's idea was a simple yet clever one.

If you're interested in knowing just when the hibernate feature drops into CyanogenMod, you can follow changes to the CyanogenMod Source at @cmsrc.

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