This contest is now over and the winner has been chosen. See this post for details.

We'll keep this short and sweet - Android Police needs an official shirt design. However, none of us are of the artistic caliber necessary for such an endeavor (if you need any proof of that, check out the t-shirt I was sporting at Google I/O this year. Ironed on, baby!). This is where you, the super-talented-Photoshop/Illustrator-wizard, come in.

If we pick your design as the winning entry, you will get a brand new free black Samsung Intercept slider phone for Sprint valued at $499.99 (see our review of this phone here), shipped to your doorstep, courtesy of Samsung. Simple as that.

Here it is, waiting for you:

intercept giveaway-0_wm intercept giveaway-1_wm intercept giveaway-2_wm intercept giveaway-3_wm


Now that we have your attention, let's lay down a few ground rules.

Contest Rules

Your design:

  1. Must be able to fit in the standard template of a custom t-shirt website (CafePress, CustomInk, Zazzle, etc).
  2. Must be made for either a black or white short sleeved t-shirt (if it works on other colors too, great).
  3. Should not be absurdly complicated (see Rule 1).
  4. May utilize both the front and back of the shirt, but this is not required.
  5. Must have "" clearly displayed somewhere on the shirt.
  6. Must be original and cannot plagiarize another design in any way.

Entries not adhering to the above rules will be disqualified.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Read and consent to the Terms of Agreement For Android Police T-Shirt Design Contest (below).
  2. Post a comment with a link or a series of links to the image(s) showcasing your design (you can use if you are looking for a site to upload your images to).
    Important: point these links directly to your image files and not to pages containing them.
    For example:
  3. Send an email to [email protected] and include the name you used to post the comment in the previous step along with the original design files (PSD or other popular formats).

Bonus Points

You will earn bonus points if

  • in addition to what you're going to send in step 2, you include your design pasted on an image of a t-shirt, so that we can see what it may look like when we print it. Alternatively, you can upload your design to a t-shirt design website (CafePress, CustomInk, Zazzle, etc) and include a link to that.
  • you tweet or post a Facebook message stating that you've entered the contest, including a link to the contest page. Get as creative as you want.

Final Words

The contest ends on October 13th, 11:59PM PST but may be extended if no clear winner can be selected by the AP team (this is doubtful).

If you need some inspiration, take a look at the previous design contest we ran, which netted our excellent Twitter page design. If you want to use any element from there, you can download the full PSD (note: there are 2 layers, each containing a different design).

Got additional questions in regard to the requirements of your design? Send them along to [email protected].

Good luck, everyone!

Terms of Agreement For Android Police T-Shirt Design Contest

By entering the T-Shirt Design Contest, I agree to:

  1. Follow the above-stated "Contest Rules"; failure to do so could result in making myself ineligible for the contest.
  2. Transfer exclusive ownership, control and copyright of my submitted design to upon completion of contest entrance requirements.
  3. Allow to reproduce my design without credit of authorship.
  4. Agree with the following disclaimer.


Non-US residents are not eligible to win the "Samsung Intercept" phone in the T-Shirt Design Contest. US residents Talented residents of any country in the world (or Mars) are eligible to win the contest and must provide a valid shipping address so we don't have an excuse to keep their prize to ourselves. Non-US residents, be aware that the phone is locked into Sprint - a US-only carrier. Prize will be shipped via an insured and trackable service of's choosing. is not responsible for any damage to or loss of the device during transit. The device is shipped as-is and no guarantee as to its condition or presence of accessories is provided by The device does not include a service contract. is not liable for any defects, malfunctions, or other problems with the device - all such claims must be addressed to the manufacturer (Samsung).