flipz, the chef behind Fresh ROM (one of the first and still best ROMs for HTC Hero and EVO 4G) has wasted no time picking apart and giving us pieces of the new over-the-air update for the EVO. In his latest blog post, flipz gives us the new PRI v1.77_003 and the new radio v2.

If you're not too keen on what a PRI or radio are exactly, don't be ashamed. Here are the basics:
  • PRI: Flipz himself said it best in this quote: “… a connection between your phone and the radio… responsible for carrying both voice and data.”  Essentially, updating your PRI increases the efficiency of how your handset and its radio unit talk to each other. This results in higher data speeds and over-all better performance.
  • Radio: The radio baseband handles how your phone communicates with the signal it is receiving. Updating the radio baseband can get you benefits, such as better battery life and improved signal strength.


You'll notice in the picture that it says "Tested and confirmed working on Fresh Evo 3.3." That's right - the new Fresh ROM with all the goodies and fixes from this update will be available today, if all goes as planned.


To check which version of the radio and PRI you're running, go to Settings > About > Software information.

Here is what you should see after the update:


If you're a donator, the latest and greatest is now sitting in your inbox. You should get on it. It's definitely running like butter on my EVO.

If you aren't a donator, you won't regret becoming one. Flipz is one hell of a developer and is always quick to give us updates as soon as possible. Donators typically get the updates first and get faster downloads.

If you are already running the latest OTA, the latest Fresh ROM, or just the latest radio and PRI, let us hear your experiences so far in the comments section.

Source: Geekfor.me