We already knew it was coming soon thanks to T-Mobile's own online store, but only know has TmoNews discovered that "soon" could mean as early as tomorrow.


That's right, if this internal screenshot proves to be anything more than an image crudely put together in Photoshop, existing T-Mobile customers will be able to pre-order the device starting September 24 and ending October 4. The offer will, apparently, be available at "select" T-Mobile retail stores, through "Care upgrades," and, of course, online at the T-Mobile's dedicated G2 website.

While there is no mention of pricing (although there does appear to be a "Pricing" link in the screenshot), let's not forget the fact that Best Buy will be selling the device for $199 upfront on a new two-year contract, and Radio Shack will be shaving $50 off of that. And no, you can't have one now, not even if you ask T-Mobile very nicely and add a cherry on top.

Source: TmoNews