Folks, I wish I could have the pleasure of telling you that what you're about to see is available now or even that it will be available in the next couple of years. Unfortunately, at this stage, this Seabird mobile phone concept, designed by Billy May for Mozilla, is just a dream. A dream, so beautifully projected in this video that it made me feel both sadness and happiness, inspiration and despair, awe and... well, you'll know what I mean after you watch it.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Seabird:

If you happen to have 3D glasses, Billy May put together a 3D version of this video, available here.

What can I say? The amount of brilliance in this video is so abundant that I lost my words.

What do you, our readers, think?

When are we going to have the first phone to incorporate most of these features? 5 years? 10 years?

Who will be the first to deliver it to the mass market?

What was your favorite feature? (Mine was the detachable bluetooth/IR dongle)

Source: Mozilla Seabird