HTC's new version of Sense UI - which runs exclusively on the Desire Z and Desire HD (officially, at least) - is really shaping up to be an exception to the tradition of custom Android skins turning the operating system into a nightmare.

As of today, users of the HTC EVO 4G, the Droid Incredible, and the original GSM Desire, can thank the clever forum members over at xda-developers for five-second boot-up times they can call their own, along with all the other great features of HTC's latest skin. Unfortunately, there are still a few bugs to work out, including:

  • the camera - it doesn't work on any of the three devices
  • the dialer apparently looks "a little weird" on all three phones
  • the version for the Desire appears to have quite a few apps added in that aren't included in HTC's official version of the skin, like apps2SD and ADW.Launcher
  • WiFi is confirmed to be an issue on the EVO - getting it set up on the Desire appears to require a separate download, and we haven't been able to confirm anything regarding the Droid Incredible
  • 4G doesn't work on the EVO

Regardless of all the above issues, the quick boot feature and those sexy new customization options are enough to push me over the edge - I know at least one EVO user who'll be spending the night flashing this here ROM!

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