Last night we posted about Flipzmod3's caffeine-fueled rampage on the new OTA update for the HTC EVO. The OTA got rooted really-really fast, and now we have a fully-working, stable ROM based on it.


Last night, flipz, the author of Fresh ROM, sent out a test version of Fresh ROM 3.3.0 to all the donors/testers, and we did our job well. We nitpicked every tiny little bug, and the result is that tiny little .1 at the end of the public release flipz announced this morning, with fixes for all known bugs. Here's the changelog so you know what to expect going from Fresh 3.2 to

Changes from Fresh Evo to

  • Based on a new Sprint OTA (3.29.651.5)
  • New kernel by HTC (ge2fb08e)
    • Modified slightly to allow apps2sd and remount to work
    • Has fps unlocked by default, straight from HTC’s source!
  • Deodex’d whole build to make theming easier
  • PNG Optimized and zipaligned the whole build
  • Updated SuperUser to
  • Updated Wireless Tether to 2.0.5-pre-9
  • Updated DarkTremor apps2sd to 2.7.5 final
  • Updated Google Maps to 4.5
  • Updated Gmail to 2.3
  • Updated Google Voice Search to 2.0.1
  • Removed LauncherPro
    • If you currently have LauncherPro installed and use it then this won’t affect you. But I have decided to stop including it by default with my roms for various reasons.
Don't forget to also flash the latest radio and PRI for the best performance.

As always, if you appreciate his work, please donate. You get some sweet benefits (like faster downloads and early releases) and help Flipz buy coffee to get this stuff out to us.