Yesterday, Macworld ran an article on Android's popularity among US businesses. In a survey of over 1,600 corporations, Android's growth is more than 20 times higher than that of the iPhone. In fact, 16% of respondents said their firms are already using Android devices, up from 10% just three months earlier. By contrast, iPhone use increased to 31%, up from 30% - growing, but not nearly as fast as Android.

Still, despite the fact that Android has experienced significantly more growth in the past few months, keep in mind that the iPhone already has nearly twice the market share of Android. As Android continues to grow, its pace should slow as well - although the more open system is likely to be a long-term draw to Corporate users, as they'll be able to more finely control the devices. In layman's terms: the growth should taper off down the road, but will likely continue to outpace the growth rate of the iPhone.

The loser here? RIM's Blackberry, which has dropped from 66% to 62% of the market from May to August. Despite the loss, don't count RIM out yet - they just posted some fantastic results for the quarter.

Oh, and for anyone keeping up with the math: the totals exceed 100% because some corporations support more than one mobile OS.

[Source: Macworld]