Thought the Fascinate was the only device getting a super exciting bug-fixing update today? Wrong!

As it turns out, Sprint's just decided to push out updates to not one, but two devices: the infamous HTC EVO 4G, and its slightly older brother, the Hero. The former of those two devices is, according to Sprint's official changelog, getting an update that fixes an issue with multiple GMail Account syncing as well as an issue with calendar event editing... and nothing else.


However, Engadget has managed to grab a screen shot from an internal Sprint document that also acknowledges fixes of that pesky 30 frame per second cap and an issue with the GPS rebooting. As always, take these with a grain of salt, but if the EVO's 30fps cap really is getting removed, at least one of my dreams has just been granted.

As for the Hero, we haven't been able to find out what exactly is contained in this update just yet, but if you know, be sure to tell us so in the comments below!

Source: Sprint via Engadget

Update: As Steve pointed out in the comments below, Android Central has somehow managed to find out what's in it for the Hero, and it turns out it just contains a bunch of bug fixes like one for the GPS reboot issue and another fixing an issue with the phone dialer feeling sluggish. Exciting stuff.