T-Mobile UK is on a roll - HTC Desire Froyo update has been rolling out for a few days now, and today a mod at the same official T-Mo forum confirmed that a whole truckload of frozen goodness is coming to the Galaxy S owners as well:

Hi there,

We are pleased to announce that there will be a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S at the end of the month. This will update your phone software to Android 2.2 and will be available through the Samsung Kies PC application.

Forum Team

If you rewind your memory to the end of July, you may remember this tweet by SamsungMobileUK promising an end of September Froyo for all Galaxy S handsets:


Very nice to see at least 1 network is coordinated enough to follow up on the promise.

The news, however, is a bit sour to those of you without Windows PCs, as Stef clarifies the update will not go over-the-air (OTA) but instead will need to be installed using a Windows application called Samsung Kies:

You would need to ask a friend with a Windows PC to install the Samsung Kies software so that you can download and install the update.

Source: T-Mobile forums