AT&T has just started incrementally rolling out an over-the-air update to Samsung Captivate users. The update is 12Mb in size and is composed entirely of bug fixes. I would think that they would focus all their energy on getting Froyo out to the Galaxy S phones but, apparently, whatever this update fixes is more important.

Here is a snippet from the AT&T website that explains a little bit further:

Image 16

Update: this OTA also includes a GPS fix, according to a Samsung email we just got:

An update to improve the Samsung Captivate's GPS performance is now available. Captivate customers will receive a notification on their device that an update is available and will simply need to download the file to update their phone. The updates will be pushed to customers’ devices over the next few weeks.

The update will be rolled out in batches of 15,000 users per day until they have encompassed all Captivate users.

While it does fix some nagging issues such as the media scanner efficiency (I'm looking at you, Adam Lein) and some fixes for pre-installed software, this just feels like a waste of time. The Galaxy S line of phones desperately needs 2.2 and getting people's hopes up like this makes it burn for the users even more. So, Captivate users, when you get that OTA update notification, remember not to get excited. You will have your day, but that day has not arrived yet.

Source: AT&T